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4 Sep, 2013

Johansson, Dauraic engaged

Johansson and Dauraic are engaged. Dauraic proposed about a month before with a vintage Art Deco ring.

They’re engaged and very happy. I can confirm that Scarlett and Romain are engaged. They haven’t chosen a date for the wedding.

4 Sep, 2014

Rose Dorothy is born


Johansson and fiancé Dauriac welcome their first child—Rose Dorothy—into the world. The baby’s middle name is an homage to Johansson’s grandmother, whom she called the first Francophone in my family. Publicist Marcel Pariseau:

Mother and daughter are doing well.

1 Oct, 2014

Johansson, Dauriac marry


Johansson marries fiancé Romain Dauraic in a secret ceremony in Philipsburg, Montana. Source:

Scarlett and Romain were married in a very intimate ceremony after the birth of their daughter. They kept the wedding a big secret because they both wanted privacy.

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