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3 Aug, 2012

Ryan Lochte interview

Seacrest interviews Lochte during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about competing in the Olympics.

I am relieved. These past fours years have been really, really hard and you know what? It’s over for me, so I’m definitely excited and happy that I get to finally take a deep breath. Michael Phelps is one of the hardest competitors I have ever had to go up against and you know what? He’s a good friend. Win or lose we’re still going to be friends and we both want to win and sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t. Our rivalry that we’ve created has gotten so big, especially in the last couple years, and we push each other because we both want to do incredible things for this sport. He knows that I’m training really hard back home and I know that he’s training, so that’s what pushes us everyday when we go to practice.

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