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6 Aug, 2014

The Perfect Guy

Lathan is set to start production on the movie The Perfect Guy. Leah Vaughn has the ideal life. Dave, her longterm boyfriend loves her but he isn’t ready for marriage or having kids. He is a commitment phobic so the couple decides to break up. Then Carter Duncan comes along and starts to date Leah. It seems Leah has met The Perfect Guy but the relationship goes sour and her lover becomes her enemy.  Co-starring Morris Chestnut, Michael Ealy, and Charles S. Dutton.

 It’s a really sexy, hot, scary thriller with Michael Ealy and Morris Chestnut–I’m a really lucky girl; I don’t know what I did to deserve this! I play a woman who meets a guy who she thinks is perfect and he is perfect….until he isn’t. There are twists and turns so that’s all I’m going to say.

13 Jun, 2014


Lathan calls the police after finding a man, 28-year-old Shawn Caples, sleeping in her laundry room. When police arrive the man claims to be Lathan’s husband. According to TMZ Latham shouts:

Get the f*** out of here.

After being escorted out by police, the man comes back three days later and is arrested. He is ordered to stay 100 yards away from Lathan’s home once he is released.

18 Nov, 2013

The Best Man Holiday interview


Hall interviews Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan and Regina Hall on The Arsenio Hall show talk about The Best Man Holiday. They also talk about African-American women’s role in Hollywood. Regina Hall comments on her experience:

It’s a reality I mean there are women, that does exist. So I mean it’s heightened because they’re still trying to sell a television show. But the important thing is that people get to see other images that are just as valid and just as true.

12 Sep, 2008

The Family That Preys

Film Appearance

Sanaa plays Andrea, an accountant who is married but is having an affair with her boss in the movie The Family That Preys. Andrea’s husband starts becoming suspicious of the money coming into the household, so he starts to question her about it. She is already tired of her husband because he isn’t making the type of money she wants him to make. After her husband finds out she has over 300 thousand dollars in the bank, she reveals to him her affair. After he leaves, she goes running to the man she is having an affair with but he turn his back on her. Co-stars Taraji P. Henson, Rockmond Dunbar and Robin Givens.

We all know people like Andrea, and we’ve all been on the other side, so for me it’s about representing humanity. As an actress, one of the first lessons you learn is that you do not judge your characters. In fact, I think at times, in terms of my mind in playing her, she felt like she was the victim. That’s my process.


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