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17 Sep, 2014

Sun supports neither side

The Murdoch-owned Scottish Sun adopts2014-scottish-referendum-sun-leader a neutral stance in its editorial ahead of the independence referendum. It says the referendum is ‘Your Voice, Your Choice, Your Vote,’ and leads with pictures of Darling and Salmond both smiling. Headline:

Britain’s Got Talent v. The Ecks Factor

Leader: We believe in the people of Scotland to make the right decision. Whichever you choose, the Scottish Sun will continue to fight for you and our Scottish principles.

15 Sep, 2014

Criticizes SNP

Murdoch criticizes the SNP just days before the Scottish Sun is expected to issue its editorial stance on the independence referendum. On a stop-off in a Glasgow pub during a tour of Glasgow, Aberdeen and Fife Murdoch says he is ‘considering’ giving the Yes campaign the Sun‘s backing – he later publishes several tweets critical of what he says is Salmond’s pro-EU, pro-welfare stance:

SNP not talking about independence, but more welfarism, expensive greenery, etc and passing sovereignty to Brussels.

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