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22 Jul, 2015

US Weekly interview


Scerbo says that after three movies, she still doesn’t know how to fight off a shark in real life.

Everyone always thinks that we are like the ultimate shark slayers, and we’re like, if Sharknado was real, we would be running in the opposite direction. The way Nova fights them is with all of her weaponry, I don’t usually as Cassie Scerbo carry around half-shotgun, half-sword combined weaponry that I’ve created on my own like Nova! Bombs and crazy things — not really like what I carry in my purse or in the water with me…In these types of movies, the one thing we say is, it’s rated awesome and you can’t think too deep,” Scerbo says. “When you’re making the movie or watching the movie you can’t think logistically, like, how would that actually [work]? That wouldn’t be able to happen; there’s no real plot; it’s just fun and crazy.

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