Sharlto Copley

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6 Mar, 2015


Film Appearance

In this drama directed by Neill Blomkamp, Copley plays Chappie a droid that feels and thinks for himself. The authorities see him as danger to human kind and want to make sure he is the last of his kind. Co-starring Hugh Jackman, Siguorney Weaver, Yolandi Visser and David Patel.

I think we’re finding our stride now on this third film, sort of going back to a smaller style of filmmaking. I’m doing the lead again… I’m playing a light character… A child-like robot, which is great. He only gets to about nine years in his emotional development. I got to run around in one of the most dangerous cities in the world being a child. It was awesome.

CHAPPIE Trailer (Official HD) - In Theaters 3/6

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