Shih Chieh Huang

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Mar 2014

Shih Chieh Huang

Gives Talk

Huang speaks on his various forms of art and his goal of giving people an experience to explore. In his talk he shows a helmet that records the movement of the eye, and then uses the blinks to turn on and off a nightlight. He also shows a large bioluminescent sculpture made from bottles, tupperware and garbage bags that moves and acts like a giant, bioluminescent sea creature.

The objects are dissected and disassembled as needed and reconstructed into experimental primitive organisms that reside on the fringes of evolutionary transformation: computer cooling fans are repurposed for locomotion. Tupperware serves as a skeletal framework; guitar tuner rewired to detect sound; and automatic night lights become a sensory input.

Shih Chieh Huang: Sculptures that'd be at home at the bottom of the ocean

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