Sigmund Freud

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20 Sep, 1939

Sigmund Freud dies age 83


Freud commits assisted suicide in his home during a Nazi air raid. He has been planning to do this for some time and has been waiting until he could no longer carry on. An overdoes of Morphine is administered by his physician Schur.

My dear Schur, you remember our first talk. You promised to help me when I could no longer carry on. It is only torture now, and it has no longer any sense.

6 May, 1856

Sigmund Freud born in Příbor, Czech Republic


Freud is born to a textiles dealer, Jacob Freud and his second wife, Amalia Nathansohn. Freud enjoys unconditional love from his mother, and scornful hate from his father.

When you were incontestably the favorite child of your mother, you keep during your lifetime this victor feeling, you keep feeling sure of success, which in reality seldom doesn’t fulfill.

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