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29 Jan, 2013

A Deeper Love Inside


Sister Souljah publishes A Deeper Love Inside as a sequel to The Coldest Winter Ever. The novel is told from the perspective of the protagonist Winter Santiaga’s sister, Porsche. Porsche goes to prison for assault, then returns to Brooklyn to find her sister and father in jail. She learns to be responsible and completes odd jobs to support herself and her drug abusing mother. Souljah on Porsche’s character:

She has a lot of emotions and tells a story that is different but I believe it is very exciting and it brings us meaning, all of us in our communities, back to the fact that we need to have a deeper love inside for one another.

12 Apr, 2011

Midnight and the Meaning of Love


Originally known as Midnight 2: Word is Bond, Souljah publishes the novel as Midnight and the Meaning of Love. Midnight gets married to a Japanese woman, who is then forcefully taken back to her country by her father. He sets off on a journey to retrieve his wife, along the way meeting influential characters.

I would describe Midnight and the Meaning of Love as a global novel, which means that it’s a story than anyone, anywhere in the world can truly love, be attracted to and understand…I write to people and places and traditions that they probably haven’t seen before in their literature.

4 Nov, 2008

Midnight: A Gangster Love Story


The prequel to Souljah’s The Coldest Winter Ever is published by Atria/Simon and Schuster. The main character, Midnight, leaves home in Sudan after his father’s wealthy empire is attacked. He settles in Brooklyn, New York and must learn how to survive in his new environment. Along the way he finds love with a Japanese woman named Akemi and does what he can to rebuild his family’s wealth while running a business. Souljah praises the character of Midnight as a model figure for the African-American community:

Through him is delivered the strongest and most relevant message to black men ever delivered in the form of literature…For men he is a goal and a standard. For women he is a dream and destination

1 Apr, 1999

The Coldest Winter Ever

ssSouljah releases her novel, The Coldest Winter Ever, which follows Winter Santiaga the 14-year-old daughter to drug kingpin Ricky Santiaga. She grows up in the projects of Brooklyn, along with three younger siblings. Her mother, who is more of a sister, teaches her to be all about material things. The family suddenly moves to a mansion in Long Island but Winter’s ghetto culture and principles are still intact. When her father is arrested and all family possessions are seized, the five females in the family have to fend for themselves. On comparing her last work with this one:

I don’t really look at it that way, like this one will accomplish something that the first one didn’t. I think that Midnight a Gangster Love Story, which is a book that made me a New York Times best selling author, was just solid and credible and deep feeling and moving, so I don’t look at comparing the two stories that way. I just look at it as an artist, as an author, that every time that I put out a book it should be better than the last one and I think that that’s what I’m sticking to.

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