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23 Oct, 2016

Responds to nude photo hackers

Makes Statement

leslie jonesIn a Weekend Update Segment on SNL, Jones says she is unfazed by the nude photo leak in August.

At a certain point you stop being embarrassed and start being you. All they did was release some nude pics of me – which is nothing, because, I don’t know if you all know this about me, but I ain’t shy. I am very comfortable with who I am. I am an open book…Do you think some words on the internet can hurt me? I once had a crazy bitch try to beat me with a shovel at a bus stop because I took her spot on the bench. At a certain point you stop being embarrassed and start being you. And I have been me for 49 years. The only person who can hack me is me. And my firewall is a crazy bitch with a shovel.

7 Nov, 2015

Hosts SNL

TV Appearance

Trump hosts SNL for the second time — the first time was in 2004. During the show’s opening monologue someone is heard screaming ‘Trump is a racist!’ The heckler turns out to be Larry David, who plays also Bernie Sanders in various skits. Referring to a Latino group that had offered anyone in the audience money to yell out, David says:

I heard if I yelled that they’d give me $5,000.


As a businessman I can respect that.

Other sketches includ a fast forward to a world in which Trump has become president and ‘made America great again’ and a remake of Drake’s Hotline Bling video, with new lyrics defending the rapper’s dancing, and Trump dancing as the ‘tax guy.’

Donald Trump Monologue – SNL

16 Feb, 2015

More than 23m NBC viewers

The SNL 40th anniversary special brings in more than 23 million viewers for the NBC network, the most watched show on primetime, besides the Super Bowl. It was the most watched show since the ER in 2004. For adults 18 to 49, the show scored the network’s best ratings (7.8 or 10 million viewers) since the Will & Grace finale in 2006.

The special also had the highest number of  Twitter impressions (188 million) of any series episode, beating the Breaking Bad finale (127 million impressions).

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