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25 Sep, 2014

Jeff, Spencer Tweedy interview

Esquire interviews father and son Jeff and Spencer Tweedy about being in a band together.


Spencer doesn’t require a lot of parenting so that’s been fairly easy. It’s not to say that my wife and I haven’t done a lot of parenting, but not the kind of parenting that’s intrusive. There have been moments on the road where I’ve maybe crossed the line then felt bad about it, being more of an authority figure as opposed to a bandmate. Since then, any parenting is done away from the band. Spencer is the kind of kid and he’s going to embarrassed by this because it doesn’t sound like he’s rebellious enough but most parents would have to tell him to go home and do his homework, but he was usually the one saying, “I can do one more take and then I have to go do my homework.


 I like my dad’s routine, which is to play a show, go back to the bus, read a book, then go to bed.

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