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25 Aug, 2015

Guitarist interview


Hillage is interviewed for Guitarist magazine. He talks about Gong and his guitars. If he could change one thing:

The vinyl version of Rainbow Dome Musick was completely unlistenable because of the scratches. It was only when we got the CD that we could actually listen to the thing. The LP came out originally in 1979 and it was clear vinyl and generally, coloured vinyl is not as good as black because of the way they have to clear out the pressing thing – there’s a whole esoteric explanation for that. There were just a lot of ‘Rice Krispies’ on it, but we couldn’t really change that because that’s all there was in those days.

His worst experience performing:

I did a gig on acid and my guitar disappeared while I was playing it. It was rather unpleasant, but I lived to tell the tale. It was a Gong gig in a Spanish town near Barcelona called Terrassa and it all went a bit pear-shaped! Miquette [Giraudy, keyboards/vocals] was there, but she wasn’t actually on stage and she helped me keep it all together.

He also says that that he did not cause the breakup of Gong or have a falling out with Daevid Allen after the Gong Est Mort reunion in 1977.

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