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1 Feb, 2016

Says Palin bought by Trump


Speaking to MSNBC’s Jansing, Congressman King says about Trump:

He has a massive amount of assets and resources that he can deploy when it comes time to convince someone. And that has to affect the way people think. Not only the plus-ups of the promotion, the limelight, all the resources that are there…When I see where Sarah Palin has been on policies and issues, I’m confident that she’s much more comfortable with Ted Cruz’s issues than she is with Donald Trump’s.

Rep Steve King On Iowa, Sarah Palin

Palin: King ‘huffing ethanol’

Makes Statement

Palin responds to the accusation that she was bought off by Trump for her endorsement:

Why would a good conservative guy like Steve King, from the heartland of America, want to say something that he knows isn’t true?
Maybe he’s forgotten some of his heart in the heartland. He got a touch of that Potomac fever there in DC. Maybe he’s been out in a cornfield too long huffing ethanol or something.

Sarah Palin Accuses Steve King Of 'Huffing Ethanol' | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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