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  • Review Elon Musk’s newsline  and the formatting guide below.
  • You can also have a look at other newslines on the site, for example, Conor McGregor.
  • Have a look at the example news event
  • Use the form to create a single news event about ANY Elon Musk related news that is not currently on the Musk’s newsline
  • Free to add posts about any of Musk’s companies, or his life and relationships, as long as they have been reported in the news
  • You can use current or past news (Google News: Elon Musk)
  • Use a reliable source, like the BBC
  • Remember to only write about a single news event
  • Strip out any bias and opinion
  • It should take you about 15 minutes, but it’s ok to take as long as you like (we don’t time results)
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  • A successful submission will give you the potential to gain access to live news