Sunni Welles

Sunni Welles1 post
27 Mar, 2015

Accuse Cosby of sexual assault

AccusationPress Conference

Welles and Shapiro have come forward claiming comedian Bill Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted them while they were teenagers. Welles said she was a 17-year-old aspiring singer when she met Cosby in Hollywood. Welles:

He was a star. He was Bill Cosby and I buried it in my memory until all of these brave women began to come forward.

Shapiro said when she met Cosby, she was 19 and working at a donut shop in Santa Monica. She claims Cosby drove her to his place, where she took a box of matches inscribed with his name. They went to the Playboy mansion, and she took a pill after losing a bet with Cosby. She reportedly woke up with him (Bill Cosby) laying on top of her, sexually assaulting her. Shapiro presented the box of matches as evidence during the press conference.

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