Tallulah Willis

Tallulah Willis2 posts
13 Oct, 2014

Celebrates 90 day sobriety

Willis celebrates her 90 day sobriety:

90 days ago I was a mucky mess. Things are not perfect by any means but I radiate more positive energy on a daily basis then I ever thought possible. No longer allowing chemicals to infiltrate my bod (body) was the best decision I’ve ever made. Here’s 90 more days. Woot woot.

15 Aug, 2014

Checks into rehab

Willis checks into an Arizona rehab facility for undisclosed reasons.  She is getting help after being given an ultimatum when her father, Bruce Willis, threatened to take everything away from her. Willis has had issues since her parent’s divorce and has body dysmorphia syndrome:

I’m diagnosed with body dysmorphia [because of] reading those stupid f–king tabloids when I was like 13, feeling like I was just ugly, always.  I believed the strangers more than the people who loved me, because why would the people who love me be honest?

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