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Tamir Rice

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Dec 2012

Found unfit in previous police job


Cleveland police officer Loehmann who shot and killed 12 year old Rice resigned from a previous small-town police job when he was deemed emotionally unstable and unfit for duty, especially in his handling of firearms. Deputy Chief Jim Polak:

I recommended that Loehmann be dismissed. I questioned Loehmann’s ability to follow instructions and to make good decisions in stressful situations. Loehmann showed up for training distracted, weepy and unable to communicate clear thoughts, as a result of which his handgun performance was dismal.

22 Nov, 2014

Shot dead by Cleveland police


Rice is spotted at carrying a pellet gun near a playground. He is confronted by officers responding to a 911 call about a male who appears to be pulling a gun in and out of his pants. A Cleveland officer is less than 10 feet away when he fatally shoots Rice. 911 caller:

The gun was probably fake. I don’t know if it’s real or not.

Airsoft gun


Deceased pre -teen, Rice has an airsoft gun that appears to be indistinguishable from a real firearm. However, his airsoft gun doesn’t have the bright safety indicator to make the differentiation. Chief Calvin Williams:

Our officers at times are required to make critical decisions in a split second. Unfortunately this is one of those times.

Surveillance video


People representing Rice’s family view the surveillance video. Police don’t release it publicly because it is considered evidence and they want to remain sensitive to the family, the community and the officer. Deputy Chief Edward Tomba:

Surveillance video of the shooting is very clear about what occurred.

Officer investigation


The shooting leads to an investigation of the officer’s use of force and a plan proposal requiring all BB guns, air rifles and airsoft guns sold in Ohio to be brightly colored or have prominent fluorescent strips. The two officers involved in the shooting are put on administrative leave under standard procedure. Police haven’t publicly identified them. Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty:

Once the investigation is complete, the case will be presented to a grand jury to decide whether any criminal charges should be brought.

Sister tackled and handcuffed


Deceased 12 year old Rice’s sister is tackled, handcuffed by police and placed in a squad car after she rushes to his side. Samaria:

I asked police to release my daughter. They told me no, not only would they not release my daughter, but later, they made me choose, stay with my daughter or accompany my son to a hospital.

24 Nov, 2014

Demonstrators show support


cleveland-police-shoot-boyAt least 100 people gathered near a recreation center at the playground Monday night to show support for the Rice’s family. Candles and teddy bears are left at a gazebo near the playground. Demonstrators:

Justice for Tamir!

Sister’s plea


The sister of deceased 12 year old Rice makes an emotional plea regarding her brother’s murder:

I want to thank everybody for supporting my little brother and I don’t know why they did that, he was only 12.

USA: "He was only 12" Tamir Rice's sister makes emotional plea

26 Nov, 2014

Police release full surveillance video


Cleveland police release surveillance video that shows a 12-year old Rice walking around with and waving a pellet gun and then being fatally shot by a rookie officer seconds after he arrived on the scene. Deputy Chief Ed Tomba:

The officers believed they were on a gun run.

Full surveillance video captures a Cleveland police officer fatally shooting 12-year-old Tamir Rice

3 Dec, 2014

Funeral and memorial service


Friends and family gather at Mt. Sinai Baptist Church to remember 12-year-old Rice. Attendee:

We must now be his advocate for change and reform through peaceful protests, civil disobedience and legislation. Tamir will be heard.

5 Dec, 2014

Family files lawsuit


The family of deceased 12 year old Rice files a lawsuit against the city and the two officers, Loehmann and Garmback.

Loehmann and Garmback refused to provide any medical attention to Rice for at least four minutes as he lay on the ground alive and bleeding.

8 Dec, 2014

Police threaten to arrest mother


Samaria, the mother of deceased 12 year old Rice is stopped by the police when she tries to reach her son after the fatal shooting:

As I was trying to get through to my son the police told me to calm down or they will put me in the back of the police car.

Mother of Tamir Rice says police threatened to arrest her

9 Dec, 2014

I Can’t Breathe shirts


lebron-james-i-cant-breatheJames, Garnett, Irving, and Williams wear the black shirts with white text during the pre-game warmups for the Nets-Cavs clash, after Bulls guard Derrick Rose wore the same shirt in a Saturday pre-game warmup in solidarity for Garner. Nets guard Jarrett Jack, who played for the Cavs last season and says he supplied the Cavs players with the shirts after he heard James was looking for them:

I just heard people’s opinion on the topic, and I know [the Cavaliers] are on the road, this is the place where it happened, so if they wanted to be a part of the cause or make a statement without actually necessarily saying any words, I definitely extended the invitation…I know us as a team we’re gonna go out and try to make a stance and show that we’re a team that’s not with prejudice. We want to have tolerance for everybody.