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Terrie Lloyd is a Tokyo-based New Zealand and Australian dual national who claims to have started 27 companies in Japan. He came to Japan in 1983 and set up a successful outsourcing business that was sold to EDS. He started a technology magazine, called Japan Inc, which failed. In 2007, he bought Metropolis magazine from its founders, Mark & Mary Devlin, but reneged on paying them for it. He has since engaged in multiple frauds to hide his assets from the Devlins.

29 May, 2011

NZ beachfront property for sale

Home purchase/sale

In two articles in the New Zealand Herald [1][2][Gallery] Lloyd says he is selling his 16 hectare (39.5 acre) beachfront property. The property near Manganoui, is close to Doubtless Bay, four hours north of Auckland. According to the report, some of the proceeds from the property sale will be used to help fund business opportunities the Japan.

As you can imagine with the post earthquake the banks aren’t lending a lot of money so whereas a year or so ago I could have just gone out and just simply raised the money locally I’m finding now that liquidity is much tighter.

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