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15 Jul, 2015

Declares $10 billion net worth

Makes Statement

Trump files Personal filing of Financial Disclosure (PFD) forms with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) declaring his net worth to be $10 billion, up from the $8.7 billion he claimed in his presidential announcement, which he attributes to rising real estate prices.

First people said I would never run, and I did. Then, they said, I would never file my statement of candidacy with the FEC, and I did. Next, they said I would never file my personal financial disclosure forms. I filed them early despite the fact that I am allowed two 45 days extensions. Now I have surged in the polls and am fighting to Make America Great Again. I will make the United States rich and strong and respected again, but also a country with a ‘big heart’ toward the care of our people.

The statement also reveals he was paid $213 million for 14 seasons of The Apprentice.

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