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The Iron Sheik is a retired professional wrestler best known for his time with WWE. He is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame.

11 Aug, 2013 interview


Sheik talks about winning the WWE World Heavyweight Title from Backlund:

Beating Bob Backlund after nobody beat him for six years was the greatest moment of my career. Bob told me, I only want to lose to you Sheikie baby, because you are the real deal and you are the hottest thing in wrestling. I love him forever for that and he respected the legend.

21 Jun, 2013

Maxim Interview


The Iron Sheik talks about the release of his upcoming documentary:

The documentary about me coming from Iran to move to the America so I live American dream. From there I talk about my life in the wrestling, my life on the road all the up and down that come with this, my life after the wrestling too, and now that I am the legend forever I talk about all my new fans and new generation respect.

23 Jan, 1984

WWE Champion

Wins Sport Event

Hogan defeats Iron Sheik to claim his first WWE championship, kick-starting the Hulkamania craze of the 1980’s.

He was good. Hogan was a big man, he had a bodybuilder body and charisma. I had so much hate, people want to hurt me wherever I go. He win and make all his All-American fans happy. Since then he become Hulkamania, but everybody remember, without Iron Sheik, no Hulkamania.

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