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22 Sep, 2015

Lates Show interview

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Trump is interviewed by Colbert on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. They talk about immigration and Trump’s plan to build a wall across the border. The interview closes with a section where Trump has to guess whether certain statements were made by him or Colbert.

Colbert: I am going to throw you a big fat meatball to hit out of the park now. This is the last time you ever have to answer this question if you hit the ball: Barack Obama — born in the United States?
Trump: I don’t talk about it anymore

10 Sep, 2015

Heckled on Late Show

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Kalanick appears on the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The interview is interrupted by two protesters in the upper balcony, who accuse Kalanick of destroying taxi-industry jobs. The heckers are cut from the aired segment. Audience member:

Two separate times during the interview with Uber guy, some cabbies in the balcony yelled stuff and interrupted the conversation. They were criticizing Uber’s disruption of the NYC cab system, and they were very aggressive and made everyone rather uncomfortable. I mean, I don’t blame them, their argument is valid. But I initially thought it was a bit, but the crew started looking around frantically. Instead of having the men removed, Stephen acted with complete respect and control. He listened intently to what they had to say.When the guy finished, Stephen said that he was planning on asking a similar question, and politely asked the man to be seated. He then turned back to the interview and addressed exactly what the man had yelled about. It was very smooth. The whole thing was cut, tho. Then five minutes later, another man got up and yelled something else. The Uber guy started to talk back to him, but Stephen calmly touched his arm and quieted both him and the cab driver in the balcony. He said that he would ask the man’s question “in a more respectful way”. Then he again respectfully asked the man to sit down, and he asked exactly what the man had yelled about. Very, very smooth transition.

Travis Kalanick Interview