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13 Sep, 2014

Observer poll: ‘No’ 53%-47%

An Opinium poll for The Observer of 1,055 eligible Scottish voters over the age of 16 finds that voters favor remaining in the UK by 53% to 47% once undecided voters are excluded. Among all Scottish voters who are 10/10 certain to vote, 45% would vote to leave the union, 49% would vote to stay and 6% are undecided. Voters are highly unlikely to change their minds – 93% of No voters say they are certain to vote that way and 90% of Yes voters are certain to vote Yes. 70% of No voters are concerned about the ability of an independent Scottish government to meet financial commitments such as health of pensions, what currency Scotland would use (52%) and the possible effect on their living standards (40%). 61% of Yes voters are concerned about continued rule from the UK parliament in Westminster, 55% say UK political parties may not deliver on promises of more devolution of government, and 32% are concerned about Conservative politicians having too much influence on Scottish affairs.

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