The Pitch

Did you know that if Wikipedia had advertising it would make over $200 million in profit each year? If only there was some way to beat Wikipedia and capture that value…

This site, Newslines, is the Wikipedia of News. Our writers create news timelines and biographies on any topic. Our aim is to take away the top spot on Google’s search results for Wikipedia’s 650,000 biographies and millions of news-based pages by putting the readers in control of more interesting and accessible content.

Although we crowdsource our content we are not like Wikipedia at all. In fact, we are the anti-Wikipedia.

First of all, we pay our writers $1 for each news summary that makes up our timelines. We also use a no-conflict editing system that avoids all of Wikipedia’s problems (accuracy, vandalism, bullying, groupthink, gender gap to name just a few). As a result, unlike Wikipedia, which is controlled by young white males, 80% of our writers are women and minorities. Think about that for a second: the next Wikipedia is not being made by white male “experts”, but by ordinary women and minorities. We think that’s cool.

Our writers have added 10,000 posts in just over two months. Over the past few weeks 400 writers have joined our waiting list, and we are building our systems to allow them, and the thousands more that are coming, to add tens of thousands of posts every month.

Let’s face it: Wikipedia’s design and presentation is straight from the year 2000. It’s out-dated and boring. Kids hate it. Who wants to look at boring text book? Our pages are filled with YouTube clips, tweets, Instagram images, and color, giving life to each topic. Recently our writers started adding performances by musicans and bands to the site. Imagine, a timeline of every artist’s performances. Where else do you get that?

We are at the intersection of Wikipedia, News and YouTube. I’m sure you will see the potential and look forward to chatting with you.

Click here to go to the Newslines front page (check Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Google Glass, Winklevoss Twins, Mt Gox as good examples)

Mark Devlin, CEO
[email protected]

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