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23 Sep, 2012

Wins Emmy


Berenger wins the Emmy for Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie at the 64th Annual Emmy Awards for portraying Jim Vance in Hatfields & McCoys. He speaks of the writer and producer:

Seventy-five brilliant speaking roles by Ted Mann and his partner. I have them to thank for my character…a cross between a rabid raccoon and a demented garden gnome.

19 Jul, 2012

Emmy nomination


Berenger is nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie at the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards for portraying Jim Vance on Hatfields & McCoys.

19 Apr, 1996

The Substitute

In this action drama, Berenger plays mercenary Johnathan Shale.  Shale comes to town to visit his girlfriend, high school teacher Jane Hetzgo, and finds himself in the middle of a drug war. After Hetzgo has her leg broken by a thug, Shale takes on a false identity and takes over her unruly inner city high school class as the substitute. As their teacher Shale is able to find the information he needs to uncover the drug ring and use his merc skills. Co-starring Diane Venora, Richard Brooks, and William Forsythe.

We need that in our schools, our universities. Look, there’s people shooting up universities now, isn’t there? Boy, we need to do something. The country’s falling apart at the seams.

29 Jan, 1993


Berenger plays Thomas Beckett in this action thriller directed by Luis Llosa.  Beckett is a marine sniper sent into the jungle one last time to give a desk jockey named Richard Miller his field training.  Once in the jungle they encounter an enemy master sniper they have to avoid before they reach their intended target.  Also starring Billy Zane and Ken Radley. On it not being seen as an an action movie:

I was fine where it was with a variety of different roles, even comedies so I was fine with that.

6 Feb, 1987


In this war drama directed by Oliver Stone, Berenger plays Sgt. Barnes, a hard core, but not heartless, American soldier fighting in the Vietnam war.  Barnes fights the enemy alongside his fellow soldiers until a disagreement with Sgt. Elias turns deadly. Also starring Willem Defo, Charlie Sheen, and Kevin Dillon.

I remember reading the script and thinking ‘whoa, and I never doubted I could do it. I had a handle on it. I knew that Oliver had doubts and I knew that Dale [Dye] had doubts, but I knew exactly what I wanted to do with [the role]. I could see them being worried, but I wasn’t.

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