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Tom Hanks

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Tom Hanks is an award winning American actor, born in Concord, California. He is the highest grossing film star of all time, and has starred in films such as Big, Saving Private Ryan, Forest Gump, Apollo 13, Cast Away and The Da Vinci Code series. He directed That Thing You Do! and produced the Band of Brothers miniseries. He is also known for providing the voice of Woody in the Toy Story series and for being the model for the conductor in the computer animation, The Polar Express.

29 Apr, 2015

Starts work on third Da Vinci Code

After supporting Wilson, who recently underwent a breast cancer surgery, Hanks travels to Italy to shoot the third sequel of the Da Vinci Code film under the direction of Ron Howard. Hanks plays the role of Harvard professor Robert Langdon who got injured in the head and suffered memory loss.

28 Oct, 2014

Surprises cab driver

Hanks surprises a cab driver he calls “Mr. Ferrari” with tickets to his Broadway show Lucky Guy, after the driver gives Hanks a ride even though his shift has ended. Cab driver:

I look him in the eye, and I scream: “WIIIIIIILLLSSSSSOOOOOOON!!! And that really got him. He started laughing hard. He sees that I’ve got this Ferrari hat on, and a Ferrari shirt too, so he starts calling me ‘Mr. Ferrari.’ The whole ride, he keeps calling me ‘Mr. Ferrari.’ So after we get to his destination, we snap a quick photo, and he goes on his way. Over the next few weeks, I just happen to randomly pick up people that know him. People who have acted with him before, people who work with him. And every time, I tell them: ‘Tell Mr. Hanks that Mr. Ferrari says ‘hello.’ Every time I say that. Then one day I’m driving, and I get a text from one of the people that I’d driven, and it says: ‘Mr. Hanks wants to invite you to see his Broadway show.’ So I bring my lady to the show, and we get to go backstage and everything, and after the show, we’re waiting for him in his dressing room, and he walks in and screams: ‘Mr. Ferrari!’ Can you believe that story? And you wanna know the craziest thing? The name of his show was ‘Lucky Guy.’ How crazy is that? Cause that was me. A lucky guy!

14 Aug, 2014

Hanx Writer app


Hanx WriterHanks releases an app for the iPad called Hanx Writer (download link). The app replicates all the noises of a typewriter, such as clicking of keys, chiming when you come to the end of a line — and comes with a single font, color and typewriter available in the free, default version. Customers can unlock more font and typewriter features with in-app purchases.

Hanks is a typewriter collector ; he started collecting them in 1978 when a store owner in Cleveland refused to fix Hanks’ mostly plastic typewriter, and instead sold him a Hermes 2000.

I use a manual typewriter — and the United States Postal Service — almost every day. My snail-mail letters and thank-you notes, office memos and to-do lists, and rough — and I mean very rough — drafts of story pages are messy things, but the creating of them satisfies me like few other daily tasks.

The app has gained 4.5 star rating from 1300 reviews and is No 1 for free downloads in Apple’s App Store.

9 Jun, 2014

Buys Morrocan boys new soccer balls

Hanks buys a group of six Morrocan boys new soccer balls after theirs is run over by the Hologram For The King production crew. He then volunteers to teach them American baseball the next day, to which they agree.

17 Jan, 2014

Toy Story That Time Forgot announcement


Disney announces the Toy Story That Time Forgot television special that will air on ABC December 2 at 8pm. Hanks and Allen return to voice Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Official plot summary:

During a post-Christmas play date, the Toy Story gang find themselves in uncharted territory when the coolest set of action figures ever turn out to be dangerously delusional. It’s all up to Trixie, the triceratops, if the gang hopes to return to Bonnie’s room.

11 Oct, 2013

Captain Phillips

Film Appearance

Based on the 2009 Maersk Alabama pirate hijacking of a merchant mariner in the Indian Ocean, Hanks stars as Captain Phillips. During filming, Hanks never met the actors who played Somalian pirates until the action-packed scene where the pirates take the bridge. Director Paul Greengrass believed this would make the meeting more natural as strangers barked commands and pointed guns at the captain and crew.

They were the skinniest, scariest human beings I had ever come across.

3 Aug, 2013

I Am TOM. I Like to TYPE. Hear That?

Writes Article

Hanks writes an Op-Ed in the New York Times about his love for typewriters, and the sounds they make:

In 1978, the proprietor of a Cleveland business machine shop refused to service my mostly plastic typewriter. “A worthless toy!” the man yelled. Yes, yelled. He pointed to shelves full of his refurbished typewriters — already decades old yet all in perfect working order. A typewriter was a machine, he yelled, which could be dropped from an airplane and still work! He gave me a deal on a Hermes 2000 (“The Cadillac of typewriters!”)

I confess that when real work has to be done — documents with requirements equal to a college term paper — I use a computer. The start and stop of writing begs for the fluidity of modern technology, and who doesn’t love choosing a new font like Franklin Gothic Medium, Bernard MT Condensed or Plantagenet Cherokee?

The sound of typing is one reason to own a vintage manual typewriter — alas, there are only three reasons, and none of them are ease or speed. In addition to sound, there is the sheer physical pleasure of typing; it feels just as good as it sounds, the muscles in your hands control the volume and cadence of the aural assault so that the room echoes with the staccato beat of your synapses.

17 Jul, 2012

Electric City


Hanks produces this futuristic, dystopian, animated series for Yahoo! and provides the voice for Cameron Carr, the lead character, who is in charge of policing the underground. Besides wanting to create Internet content that wasn’t comedic, Hanks takes the opportunity to play a character unlike himself.

I’m handcuffed by the way I look and the way I sound, and by the body of work I’ve done before.

14 Mar, 2010

The Pacific


Hanks executive produces a war miniseries for HBO and DreamWorks, the Pacific. The series is a companion piece to Band of Brothers that follows the actions of the United States Marine Corps in the Pacific War.

21 Dec, 2007

Charlie Wilson’s War

Film Appearance

Hanks plays Texas congressman Charlie Wilson in this drama directed by Mike Nichols. Wilson  teams up with a renegade CIA agent and a Houston socialite to assist Afghani rebels in their war with the Soviets. Their efforts contribute to the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War.

I responded to it because I couldn’t believe that this had ever happened. In reading the book, I thought that this was a serious piece of journalism that describes something that’s almost surrealistic hilarious, as well as historically accurate.

9 Sep, 2006

Most Trusted Celebrities

Hanks topped a 1500-strong list of Most Trusted Celebrities compiled by Forbes magazine.

Through it all, the Academy Award-winning actor and director managed to earn our esteem, respect and confidence.

1 Sep, 2001

O Magazine interview


Hanks speaks about how he got the Forrest Gump role:

I was fascinated by a script entitled The Postman, which was written by Eric Roth. I didn’t do that script, but I met Eric and we shared a lot of the same parameters of why we do what we do. So when a producer asked me, What do you think of the book Forrest Gump? [which Roth was writing a script for], I said, That guy can write anything! About a year and a half later, I got Eric’s script—and it was a rocket.

10 Dec, 1999

The Green Mile

Film Appearance

Hanks stars in a film adaptation of Stephen King’s The Green Mile, the tale of a death row corrections officer during the Great Depression and the supernatural events he witnessed.

I had a good feeling about what it was going to try to do, but then you had to go off and get it done. You’re not going to make a good movie unless you start out with a good movie on paper and this was that.

18 Dec, 1998

You’ve Got Mail

Film Appearance

Hanks co-stars with Meg Ryan for a third time in You’ve Got Mail, a romantic comedy playing off the trademark AOL greeting of incoming emails. The two play e-mailing lovers who are completely unaware that they know each other.

17 Feb, 1989

The ‘Burbs

Film Appearance

The ‘Burbs is the beginning of a string of films starring Hanks that gained little box office success. In The ‘Burbs, Hanks stars as an average home owner trying to find out more about his mysterious cul-de-sac sharing neighbors.

9 Nov, 1982

Happy Days

Cameo/Guest Appearance

Hanks plays a disgruntled former classmate of the Fonz, with a taste for martial arts on the A Little Case of Revenge episode of Happy Days.

9 Jul, 1956

Tom Hanks born in Concord, California


Thomas Jeffrey Hanks is born in Concord, California to Amost Mefford Hanks, a cook, and Janet Marylyn Frager, a hospital worker.

I was a geek, a spaz. I was horribly, painfully, terribly shy. At the same time, I was the guy who’d yell out funny captions during film strips.

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