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Tom Hanks is an award winning American actor, born in Concord, California. He is the highest grossing film star of all time, and has starred in films such as Big, Saving Private Ryan, Forest Gump, Apollo 13, Cast Away and The Da Vinci Code series. He directed That Thing You Do! and produced the Band of Brothers miniseries. He is also known for providing the voice of Woody in the Toy Story series and for being the model for the conductor in the computer animation, The Polar Express.

1 Jul, 2011

Larry Crowne


Hanks co-writes, co-produces, directs, and stars in Larry Crowne, a romantic comedy also starring Julia Roberts about a middle aged man who goes back to school to better educate himself after losing his job. The film was a critical and box office failure.

Larry Crowne Movie Trailer Official (HD)

9 Sep, 2001

Band of Brothers


Hanks co-directs the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers with Steven Spielberg. The show chronicles the 101st Airborne Division thought training, Europe, and the end of World War II.

What we’re doing with Band of Brothers is trying to put it into human terms, so it is not just a flickering, black and white myth on a screen, it is a resonant story. I want the audience to recognize themselves in these men. They’re not just mythic heroes.

Band of Brothers Official Trailer

4 Oct, 1996

That Thing You Do!


In his directing debut, Hanks writes and co-stars as a music producer in a film about a 1960’s one hit wonder band in That Thing You Do! The film spawned a number one hit with That Thing You Do by the Wonders, the band featured in the film.

That’s whats nice about directing a film and having it done: There’s nothing more I can do about it. It’s done. That’s it. All I can do is let it go and hope that people are kind to it.

That Thing You Do! trailer 1 (1996)

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