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4 Nov, 2012

Rep dismisses ‘Transformers 4’ rumor


LaBeouf’s rep dismisses rumors that the actor’s involvement with the fourth Transformers film is dependent on how much money it will make him.

The story is a complete fabrication. While Shia remains very close with the filmmakers/studio, he was never attached to the fourth installment (nor is he in negotiations at this time). Salary did not impact his decision.

Jun 2011

Leaves ‘Transformers’ franchise


LaBeouf tells MTV that the third installment of the Transformers series will be the end for his character Sam Witwicky.  The actor says he doesn’t believe there is anywhere to take the character in the franchise. LaBeouf believes that he has learned a lot working with Michael Bay and is willing to work in the director’s future films.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon may or may not be the end of the “Transformers” franchise on the big-screen — I’m betting on “may not,” for what it’s worth — but it’s definitely the end for Sam Witwicky.

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