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27 Jan, 2014

People cover

Magazine Cover

ryanSutter and Rehn appears on the cover of People after surviving a decade of marriage. The two orginally met on The Bachelor and describes how the odds were against them.

The way we got together is so not normal!” she says with a laugh. But we do live a normal life. Yes, we met in a fantastical way. But it’s really what we did after the show that mattered.

2 Feb, 2004

People cover

tristaRehn and Sutters appears on the cover of People after getting married after meeting on The Bachelor.

Ryan and I were obviously ready. I was at a place in my life where I was ready to move for him, because long distance is hard on a relationship. What can I say? It was in the cards for us. We want kids. But we’re happy with married life as it is for now.

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