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21 Jul, 2015

Troy Goode dies age 30


Police arrest Goode due to his erratic actions at a concert in Southaven, Mississippi. The police say he was on LSD. He is placed face-down on a stretcher with his arms and legs bound during the arrest, before he was placed in the back of an ambulance. He tells officers he is having trouble breathing in this position. Bystanders are threatened with arrest for filming the incident. Witness:

Paramedics arrive on scene, and I see them put him in a four-point restraint or hogtie, I don’t know how else to describe it. His legs one over the other, and hands in back, by my vantage point, on at least one of his legs…He looked to me like he was struggling or convulsing or both. He appeared to be in distress to me.

Good dies two hours later. Goode’s family attorney says his actions were peaceful, and call for an official investigation. The family not yet calling for criminal charges against the officers:

The use of force was unnecessary. Troy was not a threat to anyone. We are calling for an investigation by the Mississippi attorney general and we’ll have to wait for the autopsy report to determine cause of death to decide exactly what action should be taken, he said

The victim’s wife says police said they would arrest her if she tried to visit her husband in hospital. Family members learn the news of death by hospital phone call. Attorney:

No mother and no wife should be prevented from doing that. They are obviously distraught. They didn’t know … what Troy’s condition was, they didn’t know if he was going to be OK.

Police caught 'hogtying' Troy Goode who later died

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