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17 Dec, 2014

WrestlingINC interview


Reks is interviewed by WrestlingINC. He discusses WWE’s stale main event scene and building new stars.

The only guys who get over are the guys who are already over, and that’s the problem. When ‘Taker started to make fewer appearances and Edge had to retire because of his neck people like me and Hawkins were thinking, ‘they better do something soon, cause when all these guys are gone, they’ll have nobody left.’ That’s the trend you see. You see guys like John [Cena] still on top and [Big] Show still on top. I know they’re working to build guys like The Shield and [Roman] Reigns and Moxley [Dean
Ambrose]. Had they started doing that a long time ago I think they’d be in a better position.

21 Sep, 2012

Wrestling101.com interview


Reks talks about retiring from WWE:

It wasn’t a difficult decision at all, having a child will change the way you look at everything and my focus was on my family. It was becoming increasingly more difficult to leave and go on the road and not being able to see the changes in my daughter whilst I was on the road. I didn’t want to miss things like her taking her first steps; I didn’t want to miss another moment.

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