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10 Oct, 2013

Tyra Banks interview


Hall interviews Banks on The Arsenio Hall Show. They discuss’Smize’ or smiling with your eyes. She does a demonstration for the audience with Hall.

I talked with some of your friends that work with The Arsenio Hall Show and there’s a weakness that you have that I think if you think of that, not only think of it but it’s in front of you, you will ‘Smize’ correctly.

21 Jun, 2008

Wins Emmy


tyra banksBanks wins an Emmy in the new category of informative program. 

My mama is crying like a baby.

5 Feb, 2007

People cover

Magazine Cover

banksBank appears on the cover of People after she is called fat by the public. Banks said she doesn’t feel the need to starve herself to please others.

It was such a strange meanness and rejoicing that people had when thinking that was what my body looked like. It was really hurtful to me.

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