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27 May, 2014

WWE.com interview


Kidd talks to WWE.com about his quest for the NXT championship and wrestling in NXT.

 I’m out to prove that NXT is not to be overlooked, that it’s not a stepping stone or an easy place to compete. Every single guy and girl down there is hungry. If you want to stay hungry, you have to compete with similar people. They’re so hungry and so driven, there’s a different type of atmosphere competing with these guys.

5 Nov, 2013

WWE.com interview


Kidd talks to WWE.com about his return to in-ring competition, the injury that kept him out of action and his plans for the future in the company.

I thought my knee would never be the same again. After about three or four months, I could go to the gym normally and I could start to run on a treadmill, but I knew I couldn’t wrestle and take impact. I couldn’t jump off the one foot and stick a landing. I knew it wasn’t there. But I remember thinking, “Is my knee ever going to be 100 percent?”

28 Aug, 2013

Wrestling101.com interview


Smith speaks about becoming WWE World Tag Team Champions with Kidd:

That was great, we beat Big Show and Miz to win the tag titles and that was such a great moment for us and for me personally as it was a title my dad held as well. We also had some great matches with Chris Jericho and Miz on PPV and on Superstars as well as some fantastic matches at the live house shows.

14 Mar, 2012

The Art of Wrestling interview


Kidd is a guest on The Art of Wrestling to discuss working in WWE and not being allowed to watch wrestling.

We would try moves on each other. My mom shut that down fast. So I wasn’t allowed to watch wrestling. So I had to be at my cousin’s house or something.

11 Jul, 1980

Tyson Kidd born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Kidd (Theodore James Wilson) is born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. After developing an interest in professional wrestling as a young man, he decides to pursue it and enters the Hart Family Dungeon training school. He makes his professional wrestling debut for Stampede Wrestling at age fifteen,

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