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12 Jun, 2008

Revokes honorary degree

The University of Massachusetts rescinds Mugabe’s honorary degree, the first time it has revoked an honorary degree in its 145-year history.

Rescinding an honorary degree is a step to be taken in only the rarest and most grievous of circumstances…Robert Mugabe’s performance and policies in Zimbabwe are so egregious as to warrant this ultimate expression of disapproval…In 1986, Robert Mugabe appeared to represent the hope of a self-determined Africa. We have now learned, however, that the promise we saw in 1986 was false.

Oct 1986

Honorary degree

Other Awards

University of Massachusetts awards Robert Mugabe an honorary law degree. for his “exemplary devotion to social justice. University president:

[Mugabe’s] gentle firmness in the face of anger and intellectual approach to matters which inflame the emotions of others, are hallmarks of quiet integrity.

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