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Usain Bolt

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27 Aug, 2015

Hit by Segway

Personal Injury/Fall

Bolt is run over by a Segway operated by a cameraman, after winning a historic fourth 200-meter victory in a row. As he jogs near the raised camera track, a photographer, who ddoesn’t see Bolt, ran into the track, and then into Bolt, sending both tumbling to the ground. Bolt shows the media a cut on his leg afterward but has no worries that he’d be affected by the injury. When he sees the video for the first time:

 Oh, took me out like! Bro!

14 Feb, 2015

Announces retirement plans


Bolt announces that he plans to retire after the 2017 World Championships in London.

That was the initial plan (to retire in 2016). But my sponsor has asked me to go on for another year, to 2017 and London. But I’ll be doing one event, the 100. I’ve already discussed it with my coach. I can concentrate on that, and on retiring on a winning note.

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