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9 Aug, 2013

Black Tree TV interview


Rowell talks about her multimedia career in daytime soaps, prime time television, feature films and writing novels.  She also talks about her numerous awards and Hollywood leading men she’s worked with.

I love doing comedy. Let’s face it, getting a product on the air is a competition. The whole point of competition is raising the bar, and whether that’s TV, sports, film or music…I do have that element, maybe it’s because of 18 years in foster care, but I have a fearless personality, and a lot of experience.

Victoria Rowell Talks About The Rich And The Ruthless Kickstarter Campaign

1 Nov, 2011

Chie Davis interview


Rowell talks to Chie Davis at Rowell’s Hollywood Hills home about the actress’ foster care advocacy and her foster care upbringing, her time on The Young and the Restless, her strong activism regarding having racial diversity in daytime, and her home life in her 1920’s estate.

I believe that if your space can not rejuvenate you — you can not go outside your front door and do your best work.

5 Apr, 2011

DePaul University interview


Rowell talks about the eighteen years she spent in foster care.  She says that her strong ambition and driven nature stems from  the care, love and support she received from her several foster parents.

 My life was woven together by five foster mothers. They were women who tried to do the right thing by making me feel loved and safe

Victoria Rowell and her foster childhood

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