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18 Jun, 2017

Hunter to McGregor: Run at Mayweather ‘and just throw’

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Hunter, who trains Andre Ward, the current number one pound for pound boxer, says that McGregor should simply rush Mayweather.

[If I was training McGregor I’d] condition him to be a straight brawler…forget boxing…just get in tip-top shape where you go in and literally run at him and just throw. I would definitely take the blueprint of Maidana, and just throw. If he’s trying to box and be technical about it, it’s not gonna work…Just run at him and fight. He can’t do it continuously, but y’know, when you have a chance.


22 Jul, 2017

Top boxing coach: McGregor has ‘the fighter’s curse’

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While others are focusing on McGregor’s height, boxing trainer Virgil Hunter takes note of some issues with McGregor’s physique.

One of the things that I noticed is that [McGregor’s] body – he has the waist of a model. He doesn’t have a fight trunk…he has a waist as opposed to a trunk. There’s a difference. You know, a trunk is strong, powerful, thick — not only be able to take it but get out of the way. But he has more of a model’s waist and if I’m thinking like Floyd, I’m thinking about the body because his body’s gonna be very vulnerable to body shots. Everything is sitting right there for you to touch. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of in-fighting on Floyd’s behalf…Also [McGregor] has what we call ‘The Fighter’s Curse.’ He has bone ridges over his eyes. I noticed he has cut a lot in the eyes in MMA fighting. He also has that jutting chin. So that’s a curse within itself also. But I expect him to cut over the eyes because of the bone ridges, and when those snapping punches hit you over the eyes like that he’ll get cut worse that he did in MMA. In my opinion he’ll cut up.

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