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4 May, 2015

Police hunt masturbator

Emanuel Williams, a Waffle House employee, is videotaped by a fellow worker masturbating inside a Macon, Georgia restaurant. After Williams announces to his female co-worker that he is going to masturbate the woman begins to record Williams on her phone, while she tells him he is a “pervert”.  She later uploads the video to Facebook, but after she receives threatening messages from Williams and his girlfriend she reports Williams to the police, who are now investigating the incident. Williams is fired after Waffle House corporate officials learn of the video.

Racist customer shot


Police release a video of Jehrardd Williams shooting incident in a Fort Myers, Florida, Waffle House. Williams is purchasing a meal when a gang of drunk white racist males start shouting racial slurs at him and another customer. After Williams refuses to shake one of the mens’ hands, the man punches him. Williams is then rushed by Dakota Fields who is then shot three times by Williams with his legally owned gun. The men flee and later crash their vehicle on the way to the hospital. Fields is pronounced dead on the scene by medics. No charges are filed against Williams.

Black male shoots and kills racist white male in Ft. Myers Waffle house

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