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18 Nov, 2014

Affordable and needle-free blood tests

Walgreens parttheranosners with Silicon Valley startup Theranos to offer their new blood testing method  in many of their stores.  The Theranos testing kits will enable people to walk in, get their finger pricked, and get results to their doctors within hours.

6 Aug, 2014

Won’t move headquarters overseas

After pressure from local and federal governments, Walgreens stops plans to cut its federal tax bill by moving its corporate headquarters from Deerfield, IL to Switzerland .  They will, however, continue with plans to acquire the remaining stake in Swiss retailer, Alliance Boots. CEO Greg Wasson:

We are excited to move forward with the next important step in becoming a new kind of global health care leader. Expanding globally with Alliance Boots will make quality health care more affordable and accessible to communities here in America and around the world.

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