Washington Navy Yard

Washington Navy Yard2 posts
3 Jul, 2015

No evidence of shooting

Terror Incident

Investigators find no further evidence of a shooting and nobody has been injured. No arrests have been made or weapons found. Mayor Bowser says there is no evidence of a shooting. A U.S official says Navy security saw surveillance video of two people jumping the fence in the vicinity of the building, but nobody was found.

At this time there is no evidence of gunshots. There is no evidence of a shooter, and there is no evidence of any victims today.


2 Jul, 2015

Lockdown as active gunman on site

Terror Incident

CI6MmdiW8AAAkpdWashington Navy Yard is in lockdown with a “shelter order” in place, say US Navy Officials, as reports of an active gunman emerge. Navy Officials say an investigation is ongoing.

Lockdown/shelter in place. Investigation continues. No further info at this time.

DC police close streets near the scene as US park police respond to the reports of an active shooter. The Navy cannot confirm an incident.

No incident can be confirmed as of yet

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