Willem Dafoe

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6 Feb, 1987


DaFoe plays Sgt. Elias in this Vietnam war drama directed by Oliver Stone. Elias is a typical soldier fighting the war until Sgt. Barnes gets out of control during a raid on a village and kills the innocent. When they return to camp, Elias files a report but before Barnes can be reprimanded the platoon is called out to battle again – giving Barnes his chance for revenge. The film also stars Tom Berenger and Charlie Sheen.

I had a long wire running from my leg to a board so they could detonate the bullet hits. In some shots, I was detonating my own bullet hits. Plus, there was stuff exploding on the ground, so I had a definite pattern. I knew I had to squirm here and squirm there. It was somewhere between a dance and a boxing match.

Platoon - Official® Trailer [HD]

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