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4 Oct, 2005


zane afterburnAfterburn follows a man named Yardley Brown who continuously goes into a bank in attempts to be seen by Rayne Waters who work there. He is nervous about approaching her because he assumes she is taken. He finally gets the courage to ask her out and she happily accepts. After dating for a few months, the couple learns to deal with Rayne’s dysfunctional mom, Yardley’s sex crazed buddies, and old flames who try to come back into their lives.

1 Oct, 2003



zane skyscraperZane’s book Skyscraper follows Chico a 19-year-old who works as a mail clerk. While working one day, the CEO wife, Zetta Wolfe, tries to seduce him and he falls for her hook, line and sinker. Meanwhile, Chico’s coworker Anatasia is infatuated with the CEO, Tomalis Wolfe. She plans on becoming his wife by any means necessary. During their annual Christmas party, secrets are revealed that will change everyone around them.

On remaining anonymous:

I never set out to do erotic fiction. I started out with a short story and then decided to publish a book within 3 years. Zane just kinda took off.

1 Aug, 2003


zane nervousZane’s book Nervous is an erotic tale about a woman named Jonquinette who has multiple personalities. Although, Jonquinette is a virgin, she decides to talk to a psychiatrist about why she is having sex but doesn’t remember doing these things. Her doctor, Marcella Spencer, discovers that she has another personality name Jude that wants to take over Jonquinette’s life permanently.


1 May, 2003

The Sisters of APF

zane the sisterZane’s book The Sisters of APF follows Mary Ann, the daughter of a chicken farmer from South Dakota. She has led a very sheltered life and hasn’t been more than a few miles outside of where she lives. Mary Ann has to leave her boyfriend behind, the only guy she’s ever been intimate with, to attend college in Washington, D.C. She soon befriends a resident manager at her dorm, Patricia, who introduces her to a secret society of women who uses men to get their innermost sexual desires fulfilled.

Publishers started contacting me, and saying, “You’re one of the best writers we’ve ever read, and we’ll offer you a deal today, but we need to tone you down.”


1 Jun, 2002

The Heat Seekers

zane heatZane’s book The Heat Seekers follows two friends, Tempest and Janessa, who have one thing on their mind: sex. After going to a club one night to scope out the men, Tempest meets Geren. He is a great conversationalist and the more time they spend together, the more she begins to wonder if he’s the generous and caring lover she’s been waiting for. Meanwhile, her friend Janessa starts dating Geren’s best friend Dvonte. He’s a known player but she can’t help but be attracted to him. After dating these men for a few months, secrets began to unravel.

1 Oct, 2001


zane addictedZane’s book Addicted follows Zoe Reynard, a happy wife and mother of two. The only problem is, Zoe is addicted to sex. After realizing her husband isn’t able to satisfy her every desire, she decides to have multiple affairs with men and women. She wants to stop so she enrolls in a sex anonymous class with others just like her. After one of her lovers, kills someone, Zoe decides to come clean and reveal to her husband her affairs.

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