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Barbara Corcoran

Mixergy interview

27 May, 2011

Corcoran talks about her books, handling rejection, and her advice for entrepreneurs. On how she handles being turned down:

I’ve gotten pretty good at it. It doesn’t mean that I don’t feel the insult. …I just make a habit of making sure that I don’t lay low too long. In other words, I feel sorry for myself. I go, ‘Ouch, that hurt. That bastard,’ or whatever. Then, I just tell myself, ‘I’ve got about three minutes to feel sorry for myself, and let me move on to something else.’

On what’s wrong with most elevator pitches:

I will be the first one to tell someone what’s wrong, even though they’re not asking. Maybe I shouldn’t. But most people are appreciative. Entrepreneurs can’t communicate very clearly what it is they do. … It’s like, I’ll meet so many great entrepreneurs, and I’ve already liked them from the first hello. I liked the handshake, and I go, ‘So what do you do?’ and then for the next minute, I hear what they’re doing. It should be more like 10 seconds, because I’m already snoring out somewhere. I can’t stay with it that long. Already, they’re sliding down the scale of what I think of them, right? Clarity of communication, ‘I sell soap.’ Versus, we’re in the cleanliness business, blah-blah-blah. ‘I sell soap.’ Okay, I got you.