Barbara Corcoran

TEDx Barnard College

30 Dec, 2013

Corcoran gives a talk titled Rethinking Failure. She says failures in school, business, romance, and public speaking all led to her successes.

I can distinctly remember being in the class not being able to read or write until I was in third grade…and being ashamed of myself.

She says during elementary school, she was sent back to the second grade classroom with a recent Italian immigrant and a girl that other students called ‘retarded’.

Sister Stella-Marie told me that if I didn’t learn to concentrate, I would always be stupid. That was the day I discovered I had a label…In a situation where the education system judges a child’s intelligence based on their ability to read or write…I couldn’t wait to get out of that jailhouse.

Rethinking failure: Barbara Corcoran at TEDxBarnardCollege

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