2014 Scottish independence referendum

‘Colonial tongue’

11 Sep, 2014

The Kurdistan Tribune says in an editorial that Britain is using its ‘colonial tongue’ to frighten Scots from voting for independence, which it says the country has done elsewhere:

More than three decade ago, in 1980, when the Zanu party won the election in Zimbabwe, the British colonialists of the day were devastated and the conservative nationalist prime minister Margret Thatcher found it very hard to accept. Zanu advocated independence and the eradication of white domination. The British had fought to maintain white supremacy in the country the whites called ‘Rhodesia’ (after the imperialist Cecil Rhodes) while indigenous Zimbabweans wanted independence.

While Mugabe has become a tyrant, ‘at that time he delivered the aspirations of the people.’ It notes that under the Sykes-Picot Agreement, part of Kurdistan went to the British – and Kurdistan is now the largest stateless nation in the world due to century-old colonial agendas. It says the UK government’s warnings of a four-billion-pound devaluation, loss of the NHS and other risks are intended to frighten:

The British should stop scaremongering and accept whatever Scotland wants. The British must accept the wishes of the Scottish people, if they choose to exercise their right to self-determination and have their own homeland, and lose the colonial tongue.

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