2014 Scottish independence referendum

‘Guide for over 60s’

1 Jan, 1970

Generation Yes produces a guide for teenagers to persuade the over-60 demographic to vote for independence. Poll numbers show the demographic strongly favors remaining in the union. The downloadable guide features seven methods to try to persuade voters over 60:

1) Your existing pension is safe – regardless. Existing UK public pensions are paid all over the world. Scotland would be no different.

2. You can help ensure that my future democratic choices matter. I want to be able to vote and get the governments which reflect Scotland’s priorities & distinct needs, not be stuck with Tory governments I didn’t choose.

3. I want to look forward to a good career in Scotland – or at least have the option. I’d like to explore the world, but I don’t want to have to leave just to get a good job. With a Yes we can implement policies that will attract quality jobs.

4. The alternative means living with austerity and a low-wage economy. Scotland is a rich country and doesn’t need austerity. And we can protect public services by eliminating expensive nuclear programmes.

5. Education will be better protected. You probably didn’t pay for university. With a Yes, neither will future generations. And educational rights could be included in a new constitution.

6. Scotland will be a peaceful neighbour, learning the lessons of history & empire. It’s important to me that my country stands for peacemaking, not warmongering.

7. The chance is fleeting. This opportunity may never come again. I really want to take it. It’s the right option for my future.

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