2014 World Cup

Darth Vader police masks

Jun 2014

FIFA_Darth_Vader_masksAnti-riot police in the 12 Brazilian states hosting the 2014 World Cup will wear masks inspired by Star Wars villain Darth Vader at demonstrations by the Black Bloc protest group. Designed to protect against gas attacks, the masks can withstand high temperatures and have a visor that does not fog up. They have a voice amplifier and a tube through which the officers can sip water and use an air filter that can be linked to an external oxygen tube. A commercial analyst at  Welster Itage, the company importing the masks from the U.S. where they are manufactured with the cooperation of the U.S. government, says it will deliver 5,200 masks before the tournament:

The aim is to cause a psychological effect in the demonstrators or in other citizens

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