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9 Jul, 2014

New jail


Hernandez transfers from Bristol County House of Correction in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, to the Nashua Street Jail in Boston, Massachusetts. A judge recently ruled in favor of the move so Hernandez could be closer to his attorneys.

Patriots will turn over records


The New England Patriots agrees to turn over 317 pages of Hernandez’s medical and personnel records. According to the team’s lawyer, the Patriots do not want to turn over a 2010 NFL combine report on Hernandez or scouting reports from 2009 and 2010. The team’s lawyer claims the defense is engaged in a “fishing expedition.”  Hernandez’s attorney, Michael Fee,  describes the combined report as a “psychological assessment” and said the defense was “looking for solid evidence about our client” that could help in Hernandez’s defense. After the hearing, Hernandez is transfered to the Nashua Street Jail in Boston.  

7 Jul, 2014

Judge allows transfer


A judge rules that Hernandez can transfer to another jail to allow for easier access to his lawyers.   He will leave the Bristol County facility in southern Massachusetts and be moved to a county facility closer to Boston, Massachusetts, where the alleged murders took place.

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