Abby Lee MillerBirth

Abby Lee Miller born in Pittsburgh, PA

21 Sep, 1966

15534_325335285082_774810082_9902854_1795727_nAbby Lee Miller is born in Pittsburgh, PA as the first and only child of Maryen Lorrain and George L. Miller. She takes dance lessons at her mother’s studio, the Mareyn Lorrain Dance Studio, from an early age, but then realizes she prefers working behind the scenes to performing. She starts the Abby Lee Miller Dance Company at age 14. Reflecting on her childhood, Miller states:

Obviously, I took classes all my life at my mother’s studio. Intuitively my mother chose not to push me or let me hang out at the studio. My dad took me to my class each week in addition to Girl Scouts (how much fun can you have for a quarter a week?), clarinet lessons (really hurt right after your braces were tightened), roller skating, ice skating, sewing lessons at Sears, swim team in the summer, ski club in the winter, and let’s not forget Charm School!

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