Regulates journalists

4 Sep, 2014

Security officials in Mogadishu convene Somali media directors and owners to issue directives on coverage of al-Shabab. They warn against interviewing and broadcasting any news related to the militant group and ask broadcasters to contact the internal security spokesman on all national security matters.  The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) Secretary-General Mohamed Ibrahim:

 Al-Shabab related information cannot be broadcast, does this mean that al-Shabab cannot be interviewed? Does this mean that also all the al-Shabab information will not be broadcast? And the other order – which is related to the security operations – also there is need for explanation.

He says the government is concerned about hidden messages being broadcast:

He told us they were very concerned with direct quotation that al-Shabab is giving to the local media. They said it was terrorizing the public.

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