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21 Mar, 2014

If I Could Change Your Mind

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Haim releases their fifth single If I Could Change Your Mind. The single is on their record Days Are Gone and is a collaboration with writer and producer James Ford. Alana and Danielle :

It started out as a jam. We were in the studio with James Ford and we were really deeply into the recording and the vibe for the record and we were kind of burnt out and we were just like “let’s write something new.”

8 Aug, 2013

The Wire

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The group releases their 4th single, The Wire. The single is on their album, Days Are Gone and is a collaboration with producer Ariel Rechtshaid.


We were so badly burned by (The Wire) that song. We recorded it five or six times before, and hated it. One little sound can make it so f-cking cheesy.

HAIM - The Wire (Official Audio)

8 Nov, 2012

Don’t Save Me

Music VideoSingle Release

220px-Don'tSaveMeHaimThe group releases their single, Don’t Save Me. The single is on their debut album, Days Are Gone. The song is a collaboration between the band and producer James Ford.

Alana and Danielle:

(The song) is kind of up to you what it’s about. We wrote it around the time we got signed. We spent so long trying to get signed … and when we finally did there was all of this pressure and it was kind of like well is it or is it not?

HAIM - Don't Save Me (Official Audio)

2 Jul, 2012

Forever EP

Album ReleaseMusic Video

Haim releases their first EP under the Ployder Records label.The EP is a collaboration between all members of the band. The release features three tracks including the single, Forever. Este and Alana :

We only recorded that Forever EP (in July 2012) to try and get a residency in LA. That was the goal. And we didn’t even get the residency!

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